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About Online Therapy

Is your busy schedule getting in the way of what you need to feel better?

Maybe you have very little time before work, after school, or on the weekends to take care of things. You may dread the idea of how much time you spend driving in annoying traffic. Perhaps you feel concerned about your privacy, like if someone you know saw you in the lobby of a therapist's office.

When it comes to therapy, you might be thinking about:

  • The added cost of paying for gas

  • Getting sick from someone you come into contact with

  • Sitting in an uncomfortable chair, inside of a bland office, for 50 minutes

That's where online therapy comes in.

You may feel unsure right now about whether or not you can consistently fit therapy into your schedule, but online therapy makes it easy. Counseling that's more accessible means having more control over your day. It means more time to relax and be present with your loved ones. It means living life more on your terms.

Online therapy helps you do 4 things:

  • Take back the time you'd spend driving to an office, so you can use that time for other things

  • Relax in a private place that feels safe and comfortable to you, anywhere in Arizona

  • Save money

  • Fit counseling into your schedule, easily

Being able to choose where you do your therapy sessions can make the entire process easier. You can use your favorite device, whether it's a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Best of all, online therapy is just as effective as being in person.

Still not sure about online therapy? No problem! Try out the online platform for free by scheduling your 20-minute consultation to take place online. Just follow this link to book your free consultation.

Want to see the research on the effectiveness of online therapy? Just follow these links:

You don't have to keep feeling so limited.

Online therapy can give you the freedom you need.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Therapy

What is online therapy?

Online therapy involves the use of video and audio communication technology to connect a counselor and client to therapy sessions. It's like FaceTime, and it can be done on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Online therapy makes it easier, safer, and cheaper to do counseling. 

How much does online therapy cost?

Some insurance companies encourage folks to do online visits where they might cover 100% of the costs. Most other insurance companies treat online therapy like in-person therapy, so they'll cover the same amount normally expected. Rarely, insurance companies won't cover online therapy, or they'll only cover certain platforms. Self-pay rates are most often the same for online & in person.

Does online therapy really work?

Online therapy is effective. In fact, it's just as effective as in-person counseling. There are many benefits to online therapy, including convenience, safety, and affordability, which can make it easier to do counseling consistently and stick with it for as long as it's needed. Follow this link, this link, or this link to see studies supporting the effectiveness of online therapy.

What are online therapy sessions like?

First, you use your favorite device to follow a link in an email you get 10 minutes before the session. This brings you to a web-based area where you can make sure your sound, camera, and connection is working before joining. When you're ready, you press a button to join. Then, we do our session just like you would in person.

How do I start doing online therapy?

Press the button below to set up your free 20-minute consultation so you can let me know what you're needing, ask any questions, and make sure we're a good fit. 

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